Ready for an adventure with your best friend?

Online dog training classes let you train at your pace to set you and your dog up for success!
Take courses by themselves or pair them with in-person classes to get coaching from our expert trainers and more!

Build Your Relationship

Taking time to teach your dog (and yourself!) new skills will strengthen your bond. Enjoy a happier, more cooperative relationship with your pup.

Learn and Practice at Home

Read lectures and watch videos when it works for your schedule from the comfort of your own home!

Flip the Classroom

If you want more help, sign up for the in-person class that is paired with your online class. Classes are small for safety and effective coaching.

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Active Dogs Need Active Learning

Enrich your dog's life with fun training and fresh methods. Our online classes will guide you as you build the relationship you've always wanted, all while helping you teach your dog to be a well mannered adventure buddy and best friend.

The Busy Dog Team!

We pride ourselves on continuing our educations so we can share the latest training methods with our students. Teach your dog new skills more quickly and more joyfully by expanding your training toolkit.

Our online classes are learner-centered, allowing you to approach the content multiple ways. Video with subtitles, written lectures, and accessible photos are standard components of every Busy Dog class.

You can always add in-person classes–always small!–if in-person coaching will give you the leg-up you need.

One of our favorite things about working with dogs and their humans is finding what makes each team happiest and most fulfilled. Let us help you have the most possible fun with your pup!