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Getting Started in Dog Parkour

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Dog parkour is a rapidly growing sport that promotes confidence, exploration, physical fitness, and partnership between you and your dog. Looking to add enrichment and adventure to your walks? Perhaps help your dog become more bold without being reckless? Try dog parkour!

You will learn from certified dog parkour instructors and fulfill Busy Dog’s prerequisite for Parkour Gym and Parkour Meetups!*

Our Getting Started in Dog Parkour course is for:

  • People who do not have direct experience with dog parkour as a sport. Newbies, start here!
  • People with active, curious dogs and a spirit of adventure.
  • People whose dogs may be more measured or cautious in their approached to the world.
  • People with puppies who wish to support their confidence and body awareness as they grow.
  • People with older dogs who are not ready for full retirement; they just need a few adjustments.
  • Anyone who wants to bond and explore with their dog.

The goals of this course:

  • Introduce core dog parkour behaviors and teach students how to train their dogs to perform those behaviors correctly and safely.
  • Prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass their training level title with the International Dog Parkour Association (IDPKA).
  • Ensure students have the skills they will need to make the most of Busy Dog’s in-person offerings, including Parkour Gym and Parkour Meetups.

*You may skip this online course if you have taken a class with us before or if you have titled a dog in the sport. Our preferred titling organization is the IDPKA, the original dog parkour organization. Questions? Send us an email!

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