Up Down Pattern Game

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This is a game made popular by trainer Leslie McDevitt. Pattern games are excellent for our dogs because they provide a predictable and secure structure for our dogs in order to help them normalize changes or distractions in their environment.

For this
game, we were waiting for our dogs to give us attention by looking at us. When they do, we
mark that with our clicker or praise (good dog!) we place a treat on the ground which the dog
gets to eat, and then we wait for them to look at us again. That’s it! We don’t signal our dog with
their name, or ask them to sit or anything else… just stick with the pattern. We use this game all
the time: it’s great when your dog needs something to do when you’re in class or waiting in line.
It’s also great for situations like sitting in a waiting room waiting for a veterinarian/groomer/ etc.