Recall to Scatter

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Recalls are one of the most important things that you can work on with your dog. They can be a life-saving skill in some situations. There are a few basic guidelines to a really rock-solid recall:

  1. Only take as much distance when you’re practicing as what your dog can comfortably achieve. You want to set them up for success!
  2. Try really hard to time your praise so it’s delivered when your dog is on their way to you, rather than after they’ve reached you. It’s an excellent time to give them really good information.
  3. Keep recalls upbeat. Nobody wants to come to someone who’s in a bad mood.
  4. REINFORCE THIS BEHAVIOR. Give the best treats! Give many treats! Play! Celebrate! Make this the best game in town so your puppy ALWAYS wants to get to you!

This week’s recall game is “Recall to Scatter.” If you have a helper, have them hold onto your puppy, and walk a manageable distance away. Then, call your puppy! When your puppy reaches you, throw some treats down on the ground! This can help prevent your puppy from running past you.