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You’ll want your puppy to love their equipment, and to be comfortable and happy putting their harnesses or collars on! You never want your puppy to slip out of their collars and run away either. You can prevent your puppy from developing the habit of balking or backing up away from their collars by playing the Collar on Game early and often.

This week, have no intention of actually putting the equipment on your dog– you just want to build those warm, gooey feelings of playing with their person and eating lots of treats. Start with very large collars, a bathrobe belt, loop of leash, or strip of fleece. This week, all you are doing with this game is pairing a positive stimulus (eating good food) with something that could be considered rude or uncomfortable (human hand going over the head and looping something around the neck). Go back and forth with the collar, first just touching the face and then going up near the ears and over the neck. Keep it loose and happy and fun!